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  1.   Swiss LONITÉ turns loved ones' cremation ashes into diamonds.

  2.   Ashes to diamonds service is available at our Sydney office.

  3.   Call us at (02) 8317 3356 to order memorial diamonds from ashes in Australia.

For more information about LONITÉ cremation diamonds in Australia, download our catalogue here below.

Order your cremation diamond at our branch office in Sydney.

LONITE AG, headquarters

Official Member of the Swiss National Funeral Services Association, for a funeral service that is fair, serious and honest as a counsellor and accompanist to the bereaved families.

LONITÉ Cremation Diamonds - Trusted Worldwide

LONITE sends ashes and hair to Switzerland to turn ashes and hair into diamonds.

“LONITÉ, the premier memorial diamond producer”

International Business Times

GIA certifies LONITÉ’s ashes to diamonds process

“It’s the stories of LONITÉ's customers that moved me most”

Huffington Post

Carbon is the base for turning cremation ashes into diamonds

“LONITÉ, a company specialises in turning the dead into diamonds”


Our Customer Service Team

Our dedicated team will answer any questions you may have about cremation diamonds and guide you through the order process. Please, contact your nearest LONITÉ branch office

Cremation Diamonds Technology

The element of Carbon (C) accounts for 18% of the human body, which makes turning human ashes into cremation diamonds possible since a diamond is in fact crystallized carbon. Natural diamonds grow in an environment of extreme pressure and high temperature deep in the earth mantle over millions of years.

We at LONITÉ, work at recreating these high pressure and high temperatures natural environments in our laboratory over a period of 6 to 9 months, necessary to the growth of ashes to diamonds. Their colors and sizes may vary according to the number of elements present in the ashes. Some of these elements may be removed to produce certain cremation diamonds' colors according to the ashes to diamond of your choice.

More Information about our cremation diamonds technology >

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Size Options

Cremation Diamond Sizes

Cremation diamond sizes range from 0.25 carat to 2.00 carat.

The ordered size will also affect the ashes to memorial diamonds cost and the waiting time for turning ashes into diamonds.

Size demo

ashes to diamonds 0.25 carat
(4.0 mm)
ashes to diamonds 0.35 carat
(4.5 mm)
ashes to diamonds 0.50 carat
(5.1 mm)
ashes to diamonds 0.60 carat
(5.5 mm)
ashes to diamond 0.80 carat
(6.0 mm)
ashes to diamond 1.00 carat
(6.5 mm)
ashes to diamond 1.50 carat
(7.3 mm)
ashes to diamond 2.00 carat
(8.0 mm)

Shape Options

Cremation Diamond Cuts

6 different shapes are available for LONITÉ cremation diamonds from ashes.

The brilliant cut is most popular among all cremation diamonds, which also has the best brilliance.

brilliant cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamonds from hair or cremation ashes
emerald cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamonds from hair and human ashes
radiant cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamonds from cremation ashes and hair
asscher cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamonds from ashes and cremated remains
princess cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamonds from cremated ashes and cremains
princess cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamonds from cremated ashes and cremains

Colour Options

Cremation Diamond Colours

The Naturally Amber colour of cremation diamonds comes from life element Nitrogen.

Boron in the ashes will turn the diamond into a blue colour.

If our lab removes both nitrogen and boron from the ashes, cremation diamonds turns colourless.

Ashes to Diamonds Cost
Cremation Diamonds Price in Australia Starts at A$ 2900
LONITE sends ashes and hair to Switzerland to turn ashes and hair into diamonds.
LONITE sends ashes and hair to Switzerland to turn ashes and hair into diamonds.
LONITE sends ashes and hair to Switzerland to turn ashes and hair into diamonds.
LONITE sends ashes and hair to Switzerland to turn ashes and hair into diamonds.

Price Range - Cremation Diamonds from Ashes Cost

Below is LONITÉ ashes to diamonds cost in Australia. Please click here to learn more about details of ashes into diamonds cost and remarks to the cremation diamond prices.

Diamond Colour
amber colour cremation diamonds
Naturally Amber™
green colour cremation diamonds
Greenish Yellow
red colour cremation diamonds
blue colour cremation diamonds
white colour or colourless cremation diamonds
Purely Colourless™

0.25 carat

A$ 2900

A$ 3000

A$ 3100

A$ 3300

A$ 3500

0.35 carat

A$ 3200

A$ 3800

A$ 3900

A$ 4400

A$ 4500

0.50 carat

A$ 5500

A$ 6200

A$ 6300

A$ 6400

A$ 6500

0.60 carat

A$ 6600

A$ 7100

A$ 7200

A$ 7400

A$ 7500

0.80 carat

A$ 7800

A$ 9100

A$ 9200

A$ 9700

A$ 9800

1.00 carat

A$ 9800

A$ 10500

A$ 10800

A$ 19600

A$ 19800

1.50 carat

A$ 15800

A$ 18500

A$ 18800

A$ 24500

A$ 24800

2.00 carat

A$ 18800

A$ 21500

A$ 21800

A$ 29500

A$ 29800
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Cremation Jewellery

Cremation Jewellery rings, pendants or earrings, choose among our large and unique cremation jewellery collection or custom design your own cremation jewellery to carry your cremation diamond with you at all time.

Ashes urns to hold the ashes for cremation diamonds
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Cremation diamonds are forever. LONITÉ™ turns loved ones' hair and cremation ashes into diamonds. The cremation diamond keeps you company forever.

Two round brilliant cut colourless cremation diamonds from ashes.
Memorial Diamond Options

Memorial Diamond Options

This page introduces the features of memorial diamonds - shapes, sizes, colours and optional services like inscription of a personal message.

Swiss company LONITÉ turns hair and human cremation ashes into memorial diamonds. These are faces of a family.
Education - All About Memorial Diamonds

Cremation Diamonds from Ashes and Cremated Remains

Education - All About Memorial Diamonds

What are cremation diamonds? How are cremated ashes turned into diamonds? How long is the ashes to diamonds process? Here's all you need to know.

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