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Memorial Pendants & Necklaces

Memorial Diamond Pendants - Lonité is dedicated to providing timeless memorial pendants in various designs and helping you find the one that perfectly compliments your diamond in memory of your loved one.


Explore our Memorial Jewellery Pendant Collection

Lonité presents an exquisite assortment of custom-crafted pendant options, fashioned from human or pet ashes, each designed to accommodate a variety of diamond cuts. Our versatile collection of memorial jewellery pendants caters to both men and women, featuring materials like 18K gold or platinum, and offering an array of designs to align with your preferences.

Our diamond pendants from ashes are available with chains of different lengths, ensuring a perfect fit. Additionally, our skilled design team stands prepared to create a unique, bespoke model tailored to your desires. This special design is then expertly brought to life by esteemed jewellery artisans. Meticulously crafted, our goal is to transform your memorial jewellery into a cherished keepsake, a heartfelt remembrance of your departed loved one's life.

Personalised Support for Your Memorial Journey

Emotional Support Throughout Your Memorial Jewellery Experience

At Lonité, we foster a climate where our customer service team can deliver what our clients want and need. The role of our customer support team is to avail all the necessary information and to guide you through our memorial jewellery collections according to the memorial diamond you have ordered and to your memorial jewellery designs preferences.

Our Customer Service Representants will also guide you in the decisions you make on memorial jewellery with the specification choices, the order process and shipment processor payment terms and conditions. Our goal is to make sure our customers find the best memorial alternative they are looking for to honour the life of their departed loved-ones, as we strive to offer you guidance through the cremation diamond and cremation jewelry process coming along with an emotional support by simply listening to you and your experience.

Memorial Jewellery Pricing Considerations

Understanding Memorial Jewellery Costs

At Lonité, we hold the values of quality and customer satisfaction in the highest regard. The pricing of our memorial jewellery is contingent upon the category you select from our array of rings, pendants from ashes, and earrings collections. Additionally, factors such as the chosen materials, designs, and specifications play a role in determining the cost.

The memorial jewellery price is incorporated into your memorial diamond order, a process facilitated through thorough discussion with our customer service team. They will adeptly guide you through every step. For certain exceptionally unique memorial jewellery models, pricing may vary, especially if you're drawn to a design outside of our collections, an option we proudly extend to our clients.

Tailor-Made Memorial Jewellery

Customised Memorial Jewellery: Pendants, Rings or Earrings

At Lonité, we understand the significance of creating a tribute that uniquely honours your loved one. That's why we empower our customers to specify the exact requirements they desire for their memorial diamond pendant or any other type of memorial jewellery. We take immense pride in our craftsmanship and are dedicated to fashioning bespoke designs that align perfectly with your needs and the essence of your chosen memorial diamond.

Our collaborative approach involves partnering closely with esteemed jewellery makers, each specialising in their respective domains. Instead of resorting to mass production in factories, we prioritise the meticulous creation of individualised pieces. This dedication to quality over quantity ensures that our memorial jewellery is as exceptional as the memorial diamond that will forever commemorate your departed loved one.

Selecting the Perfect Memorial Jewellery for Your Loved One

Navigating the Memorial Jewellery Selection Process

Before embarking on your journey, take a moment to explore our diverse memorial jewellery offerings, including memorial rings, pendants from ashes, and keepsake earrings. Furthermore, our clients have the option to choose a design beyond the Lonité collections. If you've come across a design that resonates with you on the internet or other sources, simply share the photo with us.

Upon receiving the image, we will engage in a discussion about the specific characteristics of your chosen memorial jewellery. Our aim is to ensure it harmoniously complements your memorial diamond. While making your decision, factors such as colour, size, and cut should be considered to select the perfect memorial jewellery design for your personalised memorial pendants, rings, or earrings, as well as the ideal material. This personalised approach ensures you find the perfect match tailored to your preferences.

We design your memorial jewellery in-house

Unique memorial jewellery for a unique memorial diamond

After our customer service team engages in a comprehensive discussion with you regarding your chosen memorial jewellery, we will collaborate with our team of designers to elevate your selected design's uniqueness to new heights, tailoring it to your vision.

Following this, we engage with our local partners, esteemed jewellery makers known for their exceptional craftsmanship. They meticulously review our designs and then bring them to life with their unparalleled skills, resulting in the creation of your chosen ashes necklace or other selected memorial jewelry pieces.

Diamond Pendants from Ashes: A Thoughtful Choice in Memorial Jewellery

Why Opt for Diamond Pendants from Ashes for Your Memorial Jewellery?

Across the globe, people choose diamond pendants from ashes as their preferred memorial jewellery. This choice allows them to keep their loved ones close, regardless of time or place. The secure nature of a pendant keeps the cherished memorial diamond safe and close to the heart, eliminating any risk of loss.

Furthermore, diamond pendants from ashes are meaningful tokens, often given during significant life events such as weddings or birthdays. These exquisite pieces become cherished keepsakes, symbolising eternal connections. The sentiment behind memorial jewellery, like diamond pendants from ashes or rings, often leads these pieces to be handed down through generations, preserving the legacy of your special person.

Most prices displayed on this page pertain to 14k white gold pendants with an 18-inch classic chain. The pendant price does not encompass the center diamond price and could fluctuate based on the chosen material and pendant specifications.

We offer an array of metal options apart from continuum silver, including 18k and 14k gold (yellow gold, rose gold, white gold), as well as platinum. For further insights, please reach out to our dedicated customer service team.