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3 Steps to Order Your Memorial Diamond

Submit Order Information

Start by contacting us for the current cost of turning ashes into diamonds. We will discuss any questions you may have regarding the memorial diamond order process and provide the order form.
Fill in and sign the online order form. Make sure all sections of the order form are completed. Call us if you have any questions on how to complete the order form to begin the human/pet ashes to diamond process. 

After your order is accepted, you will receive the following items:

  • An all-inclusive Welcome Kit.


Ashes Submission

Please follow the instructions on the shipping guide included in the ashes submission kit you receive. Local collection of the ashes or hair can be arranged by contacting the nearest branch of the couriers used by LONITÉ.

Cremation ashes

8 oz (200 g)

Cremated bones

10 oz (300 g)


0.4 oz (10 g)

The following is a list of the amounts of hair or cremation ashes from the deceased required to turn their ashes into diamonds. Please note that the ashes into diamond process requires this amount, regardless of the size of the memorial diamond ordered.

ounces (grams)



A deposit of half of the ashes to diamond cost is required when the order is placed. The second half of the total cost will be due when your order is completed.

Payment is accepted through:

  • check (U.S. or Swiss banks)

  • wire transfer

  • credit/debit card(Visa, Master, AE, Discover)

  • PayPal


  1. Cremated bones are pieces of bones larger than 20mm that remain after the cremation process. These contain relatively less carbon than cremated ashes (normally around 1-5 mm).

  2. Combined carbon source is accepted, e.g. 5 grams hair plus 100 grams of ashes.

  3. The colour, type of hair, and artificial hair dye does not affect the diamond colour. The ashes into diamonds process removes all pigments during purification.

  4. The amounts listed above are fixed and necessary regardless of the memorial diamond size that has been ordered. The diamond synthesis equipment requires a standardised amount of carbon to transform ashes into diamonds. The size of the diamond is determined by the time spent in the synthesis equipment.

  5. The amounts listed above are enough to create up to three diamonds out of ashes, depending on the diamond sizes ordered.

Welcome Kit

At LONITÉ™, we understand that every memorial diamond is a precious and meaningful keepsake. That's why we provide a comprehensive welcome kit that contains everything you need to begin the process of creating your custom diamond. Order your welcome kit today and start your diamond journey with a stress-free experience.

Easy Submission

Free Shipping


The whole process of turning ashes to diamond can take 5-18 months depending on the colour and size of the memorial diamond you select.

Optional GIA or IGI certification, jewellery sets, and laser inscription services are offered at an extra cost where it takes an extra 1 or 2 months for each service chosen.

You can check the latest status of your order here. Photos for each completed step can be provided upon request.


The Answers You Need

A standard culinary scale can be used to weigh the cremation ashes from pet or hair. The required amount is about equal to 2/3 cup of hair or 1 cup of ashes. 

How do I weigh the ashes?

Yes, supplemental amounts are accepted. If ordering a diamond after cremation, you can provide all the ashes from the cremation process for what we call a Diamond Burial.

If this is the circumstance, please inform us. We will supply you with enough containers and sealing packages for the total volume of cremation ashes you have.

May I provide extra hair or ashes?

Yes, we are more than happy to work with you to create a solution that is most suitable for you and your family. We have worked to turn ashes into diamonds in the tragic case of the death of an infant. We also face this situation with the order of multiple diamonds to supply enough memorial diamonds for a large family. You may choose not to send us all the cremation ashes for personal reasons.

If you simply do not have enough cremation ashes or hair from the deceased, family members can provide supplement hair amounts. There are no extra charges or fees for mixed carbon sources.

May I provide less hair or ashes?

LONITÉ carefully processes and purifies all materials (ashes or hair) received through the initial steps required to turn ashes into diamonds. The necessary amount of carbon from the cremation remains undergoes the transformation process to become a cremation diamond. The remaining carbon, in graphite powder form, is kept at our facility as part of our risk control protocol.

After we are certain it is no longer needed as supplemental material for your cremation diamond, we respectfully cremate the carbon individually in a mini furnace. Because our process is so precise, we are able to then return the remaining carbon to your family if requested when you place your order for your cremation diamond.

What happens if there are leftover ashes or hair of my loved one?

Online Meeting

Speak with our compassionate customer care team from the comfort of your own home. We'll provide personalized support every step of the way and answer any questions you have

Call-Back Request

Can't chat right now? We're happy to call you back at your convenience. Our team will provide attentive, dedicated service, and answer any questions you have about our process.

In-Person Meeting

Our caring team is available to meet with you in person to discuss your needs, answer any questions you have about our process, and provide you with personalized assistance.

LONITÉ provides online and in person meeting services

Meet with Us


Please take some time and familiarise yourself with the memorial diamond order process before making any decision. Our goal is to make certain you are comfortable and know what to expect from the memorial diamond order process.

If you have questions and are short of time, please call or leave a message with a request for a personal call back. We will be glad to discuss any aspect of the cremation ashes to diamond process with you.

The size of the memorial diamond you are considering is a decision you make. We understand and appreciate its uniqueness and the special meaning it has for you and your family.

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