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Memorial Diamonds from Ashes and Hair​

The human body contains 18% carbon. Diamonds are pure carbon. LONITÉ cremation diamonds are made of purified carbon from hair, cremated bones, or cremation ashes.​

Cremation diamonds are GIA/IGI certified to be genuine diamonds.

The only difference between natural diamonds and LONITÉ cremation diamonds is their origin: the carbon atoms of cremation diamonds are from the cremated remains instead of minerals found underground.

​9 months on average


50% + 50%

Payment terms

A$ 3200 (0.25 carat) - A$ 58000 (3.0 carat)


200g ashes/10g Hair

Ashes amount

4N Purity.

Memorial Diamond.

LONITÉ memorial diamonds are created using hair and the memorial ashes of loved ones and cherished pets.


diamond seed

carbon purity


99.99% pure (4N purity) carbon, the elements of life.


No heavy metals, artificial colourings, or unstable chemicals.


Natural diamonds are used as the essential seed crystal; no use of CVDs.


A Brilliant Diamond out of a Brilliant Life

[*] The representative sizes shown may be different from the actual dimensions due to different screen resolutions.

The size of memorial diamonds is determined by the growing time in the synthesis environment.

Size demo

Carat (diameter)