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  • Heart-shaped Swirl Petal Diamond Stud Earrings
SKU: JE-24439

Heart-shaped Swirl Petal Diamond Stud Earrings


These earrings setting safely secures the centre cremation diamond in place and lets the diamond showcase its maximum fire and brilliance, making the cremation diamond the centre of attention. Wear your loved one on your ears and hear their voices. These stunning cremation diamond earrings will be a truly remarkable way to carry your loved one with you wherever and whenever.

  • Cut Option: Brilliant
    Carat Option: 0.15ct - 0.5ct
    Metal Option: 14K White/Yellow Gold, 14K Rose Gold, 18K White/Yellow Gold, 18K Rose Gold, Platinum, Continuum Silver



    • To increase durability and increase resistance to tarnishing, all 14K/18K white gold products have a thin layer of rhodium, one of the platinum groups of metals.

    • The price shown is for a pair of earrings, if you need a single earring, the default price is 70% of the customer service quotation.

    • The price shown does not include the centre diamond, please purchase the centre stone separately.